Those who wish to be participated should obligated permission from Ichimura and the professor in charge, and then pass graduate the school entrance examination of the Department of Biological Chemistry, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Science, of Kyoto University.
Please feel free to contact me from the following CONTACT.

Doctoral researcher (postdoctoral fellow)

We are welcoming those who acquire fellowship (JSPS PD, RPD, HFSP fellow) and participate in the laboratory. It is also possible to prepare an application form by repeated meetings in advance.

We will provide an opportunity to learn research related skills such as experimental technique (molecular biology, biochemistry, Ca2+ imaging, and etc.), data analysis method, presentation skill and management skill of a small team.

First of all, please inform us of the motivation and the previous research summary from CONTACT below.


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46-29 Yoshida-Shimo-Adachi-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8501, Japan

Kyoto University Graduate School of Biological Chemistry
Atsuhiko Ichimura Group.

  • Railway

    Approximately 8 min walk from ‘Jingu-Marutamachi’ Station on the Keihan Line (Exit 5)

  • City bus

    Konoe-dori ( Kyoto City bus #201; #206; #31) ; approximately 4 min walk
    Koujin-bashi ( Kyoto bus #17 ) ; approximately 4 min walk
    Koujin-guchi ( Kyoto City bus #205; #17 ) ; approximately 8 min walk
    Marutamachi keihan-mae ( Kyoto City bus #202; #204 ) ; approximately 8 min walk